The kingdom is under attack and they've breached the main castle. The last mages have used forbidden magic and sacrificed themselves to summon you, a ancient spirit that can possess others and use their powers. Hold off the attackers as long as you can so the residents of the kingdom can escape!

The necromancy powers drain the health of mortal bodies, so you can't stay in one form forever.

But the death of your current body is not the end. When it dies, your vulnerable spirit form emerges, and you can possess another enemy. Jump between bodies and cause some chaos!


There are 3 different enemy types in rock-paper-scissors-esque mechanic, where each has a clearly defined strength/weakness over another.

  • The assassin can reflect projectiles and can ourtun the ranger, but has trouble getting near the shieldbearer.
  • The ranger can hit the shieldbearer from far away, but has low health and needs to be careful of the assassin.
  • The shieldbearer can take out assassinin one blow,  and has a lot of health, but is too slow to catch the ranger.


  • WASD to move.
  • Left click to attack.
  • Right click to dash (in spirit form).
  • R to restart.



Created in 3 days for Game Dev League August 2022 Jam. Theme of Death is not the end... Death is progress.

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